Tropical Blends Kai’e'e 10′6″ SUP Board



I took the opportunity to capture some of Jim’s thoughts on video during a recent visit to his shop. We discussed Tropical Blend’s ’09 line of SUP boards and this video focuses on the Kai’e’e, a 10′6″ SUP shaped by Jeff Bushman.

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According to Jim, the Kai’e’e was Jeff’s idea of a surfing board for a wide range of folks. Its 29¾” width provides enough stability while its and 4 ¼” thickness allows for the float. SUP riders from beginner to intermediate find the Kai’e’e a nice, stable ride and a good transition from their long boards.

tb-kai'e'e-10-6-sup-board-02.jpg                    The 10′6″ Kai’e’e sports a swallow tail and relatively flat deck.


tb-kai'e'e-10-6-sup-board-15.jpg                 Single concave from rail to rail in the bottom

Bottom contours include a single concave from rail to rail terminating in a double concave near the fins.

tb-kai'e'e-10-6-sup-board-12.jpg                  Five-box configuration allows lots of flexibility for the Kai’e’e.

This board is set up with a five box configuration that allows the rider optional fin setups. You can ride the Kai’e’e as quad-fin, 2+1 or a twin with a small trailing fin. Jim has found these options to be really helpful for those looking to develop their skill sets. He said it’s a really nice board to move towards as you scale down from the bigger, fuller boards.

tb-kai'e'e-10-6-sup-board-06.jpg                     The 10′6″ Kai’e’e has a more pointed nose for better performance in the surf.


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2 Responses to “Tropical Blends Kai’e'e 10′6″ SUP Board”

  1. andrew watt 1andrew watt

    i have one of these boards ,love it ,great for small wave surfing ,havent been out in anything over 3 ft ,but its so much fun , but last summer i left on top of my car on a very hot day ,it had a small crack on the rail ,which let in some water and now its delamanated about 18 inches from the nose down. what should i do ?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Andrew – You should get it professionally repaired.

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