Da Hui July 4th SUP Race-video


The July 4th Da Hui race this year was a blast.  This is the first time I participated and was really impressed.  Everything was run like clockwork and very professional.  The conditions were ok with a light wind and occasional gust…better than the Olukai race but not enough to fly on.  I rode my F-14 and it was ok but I really could have used a full displacement F-18.  This was the first race for my brother and Randy Lui-Kwan.  It’s funny because I remember last year when Jeff Harris was prodding me to do the race and I kept telling him I wasn’t into racing.  This year I’m totally into it although I’m still not very fast.  Here are some pics and some video clips from the day.

da-hui-race-02.jpg                 Race line

da-hui-race-03.jpg                Some weapons for the race

da-hui-race-06.jpg                   Handing out the timing band

da-hui-race-07.jpg                  Entering racers into the system

da-hui-race-08.jpg                   Choose your weapon

da-hui-race-09.jpg                  Sam Pa’e putting up a tent, for his board

da-hui-race-10.jpg                  Randy Lui-Kwan and Sam Pa’e

da-hui-race-14.jpg                   Future Blue Man Group member

da-hui-race-18.jpg                   Heather Jeppsen, Kaipo Guerrero, Malika Dudley

Check out www.HawaiianSwell.com for a ton of pictures from the race.  Franco shot some really good action photos.

hawaiianswells-osp86156 Aaron Napoleon winning…again

hawaiianswells-osp86159 My buddy Brant Chillingworth looking determined during the run

hawaiianswells-osp86312 Jeff Chang taking 3rd

hawaiianswells-osp86535 Candice Appleby sprinting…yes she beat me by a lot

hawaiianswells-osp86573 Here comes Morgan Hoestery

hawaiianswells-osp86587 Run Kaipo Run

hawaiianswells-osp86665 Heather Jeppsen sprinting

hawaiianswells-osp86680 “When is this pain going to stop?”

hawaiianswells-osp86803 Here comes my brother Darin, if he can get his leash off

Additional photos courtesy of HawaiianSwell.com

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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  1. randy 1randy

    Good capture of the feel of the event, Ev. Was a fun race. I like the pic of you running up the beach. You look like I felt. All in all a great experience. Would love to do it again next year.

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