2009 Molokai-Oahu PaddleBoard Race – video part 1


Better late than never…here is the video (part 1) and more pictures of the 2009 Rainbow Sandals Molokai-Oahu PaddleBoard Race.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-06 Molokai-Oahu Paddleboard race organizer’s booth

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-03 Booths at the finish

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-05 Even the board was waiting for the finishers

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-07 Time clock

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-08 Rick – hanging out

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-10 Spectators

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-11 Jamie Mitchell getting welcomed

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-16 Jamie Mitchell’s feet – or what’s left

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-18 Dino from C4 Waterman

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-19 Greg from C4 Waterman

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-20 More spectators

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-13 Jamie Mitchell interview with the press

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-14 Jamie Mitchell’s weapon: Lahui Kai 18′ paddleboard

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-24 Kai Bartlett, SUP Unlimited Team M 01-79 age group team 1st placer with Aaron Napoleon

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-27 Ekolu Kalama wins the solo SUP division

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-34 A little board loving

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-39 A little help with boards

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-46 Winners Kai Bartlett (left) and Ekolu Kalama (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-47 “I’m so happy!”

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-48 Mel Pu’u (left) and Ekolu (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-56 Scott Trudon, Stand-up Unlimited M80-99 team with Alan Cadiz

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-61 Guy Pere takes 2nd place for SUP Unlimited M30-39

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-63 Scott Gamble finishing 3rd for SUP Unlimited M30-39

Watch for video part 2 and more pictures of this event in the next post.

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  1. Robert 1Robert

    Here is a link to a video with more finisher’s interviews:

    This video shows interviews with the 2009 Rainbow Sandals Molokai crossing finishers as they come out of the water after the race. Featuring Jamie Mitchell, Ekolu Kalama, and Kanesa Duncan talking about their race experience. Filmed by Len Barrow.

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