2009 Molokai-Oahu PaddleBoard Race -video part 2


Here is video part 2 of the 2009 Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race last July 25. Check it out.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

More pictures from the event:

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-64 Chuck Patterson powering at the finish

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-69 Jeremy Riggs

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-67 Chuck Patterson paddling for 2nd place in SUP Unl Team M 80-99 age group with Mike Field

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-78 Jeremy Riggs in red shirt (left) and Chuck Patterson in green shirt (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-82 Father & son tandem, Todd and Christian Bradley

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-79 Greg Pavao (left) and Noland Martin (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-80 Todd Bradley getting a lei

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-84 Bradley family and friend (from left to right: friend, Brendan, Todd and Christian Bradley)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-85 Dave Parmenter and Archie Kalepa doing tandem

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-89 Dave Parmenter (left) Archie Kalepa (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-91 Naish board

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-92 Nice Quiver

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-93 How’s this escort boat…sailing canoe

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-94 Ekolu Kalama’s winning board shaped by Mark Raaphorst

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-95 Mark Raaphorst (right)

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-96 Heather Jepsen

molokai-oahu-paddleboard-race-2009-97 My S.I.C. F-18 hand delivered from Maui

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