Intro to Stand Up Paddling and Fitness Video


By Tommy Callan and Suzie Cooney

Paddle Surfing was started back in the 40’s by the Waikiki Beach boys on Oahu.  They would use their outrigger paddles to “paddle surf” their big boards around the tourists and take pictures.

Today, Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing water sport on the planet due to its easy learning curve.  Though you may have seen surf legends Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama or Robby Naish surfing huge waves, there are plenty of calm waters around Maui to learn on.  Pretty much anyone can do it and it’s making surfers out of everyone. 

For the most part, Stand Up Paddle Boards are pretty big.  Sizes typically range anywhere from 10 to 15 ft. with most common sizes being around 10 to 12 ft. And they’re as wide as 32”.

The large size and volume provides the needed “float” for paddling stability. What’s nice about today’s boards is that they’re light and easy to carry.  Most higher end boards are a molded epoxy or carbon construction and have handles built in.  They’re surprisingly light and easy to carry.

Whether you’re interested in surfing waves, touring or fitness paddling, I think you’re going to love it.

Beach Boy Events offers both private and group lessons, as well as, guided tours around Maui.  There are plenty of calm waters for beginner paddlers to enjoy, and fun waves for the more experienced. And we always recommend bringing a mask along because there’s so much to see below the water too!

Call us and we’ll arrange a fun morning of Stand Up Paddling inclusive of local snacks and drinks for your enjoyment.  However you choose to experience Maui, Beach Boy Events is here for you.

Please contact us directly at 808-250-3748 or email Tommy at

And don’t forget to call Suzie Cooney, CPT  at 808-283-2121, Maui’s premier fitness trainer and sports model, so you’ll be ready to paddle!

Also, register for the SUP event of the New Year: STAND UP For Women’s Health & Fitness at the Four Seasons Resort Maui, Wailea Beach, Hawaii January 9, 2010

“STAND UP for Women’s Health & Fitness” is a FREE, non-competitive event to promote healthy lifestyle choices, self-confidence and breast cancer education for women through sport, nutrition and self awareness.  You’ll not only enjoy learning to SUP, but also to Hula!  Enjoy inspirational guest speakers, plenty of healthy treats and amazing prizes.  Maybe you’ll even win your own Stand Up Paddle Board!

Please visit for event and registration information.

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