On It Pro Blue Goo and Xtreme Cream for SUP



I saw some interesting products on display during the 2009 Battle of the Paddle. Among them was the Blue Goo board cleaner and Xtreme Cream bottom coating from On It Pro. Check out the video for a demo on how to use them on a stand up board:

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on-it-pro-blue-goo-and-xtreme-cream-5 Cleaning the board with Blue Goo

on-it-pro-blue-goo-and-xtreme-cream-7 Wipe clean to remove excess Blue Goo then apply Xtreme Cream

on-it-pro-blue-goo-and-xtreme-cream-8 Using a buffing machine to polish and push the Xteme Cream more into the board

According to the guys at On It Pro, the Xtreme Cream can increase a board’s speed by over 15% by reducing friction on the bottom surface. That’s a big difference when you’re racing. 15% translates to 9 minutes per hour. I applied the Blue Goo and the Xtreme Cream to my F-14 and F-18. To the touch, it feels smoother and more ’slippery’. In the water it’s a bit harder to tell. My instinct tells me that it has some effect although I’m not sure on the exact %.

On my way out to the blinker buoy the other day in Hawaii Kai I did notice that the glide on the F-18 felt better and my GPS pace was around .5 minutes/mile faster than normal but that also gets affected by wind and current. I’ve put car polish on boards before and this one seems to be better. One thing to note, the blue goo is a good cleaner. It takes off all the scuff marks left by paddles.

If anyone out there has used this stuff and gotten results, please post a comment and let us know.

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2 Responses to “On It Pro Blue Goo and Xtreme Cream for SUP”

  1. Erik Nordskog 1Erik Nordskog

    XC does not increase speed by 15%, it reduces drag or friction by 15%! This percentage is possible at 18mph or faster. There’s a reduction curve at slower speeds. The faster you go, the better XC works! Your board will manuever better as well.

    Picking up of an additional .5mph is normal for a SUP! We guarantee that you will have the fastest finish available, even faster than a sand finish which only works well for displacement hulls, not hydro-planing surfaces like a surfboard or standard SUP.

    XC will give you a better glide because it’s more slippery than water and will actually stick and stay on the surface for a couple of months keeping your board looking nice and clean. Guys like Chuck Patterson and Danny Ching know it works! I can be contacted at erik@onitpro.com

  2. kim williamson 2kim williamson

    How do I order more blue goo and extreme cream?

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