Watermans: Applied Science Sponsors Surf Ride Freedom Pro-Am Surf Series


Watermans: Applied Science


Watermans: Applied Science Sponsors Surf Ride Freedom Pro-Am Surf Series

Orange County, CA, February 9, 2010 – Watermans: Applied Science <http://www.watermansappliedscience.com> is proud to announce their involvement in the Surf Ride <http://www.surfride.com> Freedom Pro-Am Surf Series by Vans . Participants in this year s event will be able to focus on the competition instead of worrying about sunburn and skin cancer thanks to the unbeatable performance and undeniable protection of Watermans sunscreen.

“We are stoked to partner with Surf Ride on this event,” says Macon Brock, Watermans president and founder, “Protecting water sports athletes and giving back to the those in need is what the brand is all about.”

“The Surf Ride Freedom Surf Series by Vans is unique in that it accommodates Family Divisions along with a Pro Division at the same contest. Family Division participants will be vying for thousands of dollars in Surf Ride store credit, while the Pro’s duke it out for Cash,” event Director Chris Williams.

“We can’t wait to present the Youth Division winner with a Surf Ride Gift Card charged up with $700, or the Pro who wins the $5,000 first place check. All the Family Divisions- from Grom to Women’s are set-up to receive massive Surf Ride Gift Cards, Plus a huge welcome Back Pack from DAKINE and a Family style BBQ compliments of Vans,” said Williams.

Registration for February 21st at OB Pier in San Diego is OPEN- Visit www.Freedom.surfride.com <http://www.Freedom.surfride.com/>

Visit the Freedom Surf Series site at FREEDOM.SURFRIDE.COM <http://freedom.surfride.com> to sign up and get all the details.

Surf Ride Freedom Pro-Am Surf Series


About Watermans: Applied Science

Watermans: Applied Science is dedicated to providing today’s Watermen and women with the best, most effective and functional, high-performance sunscreen on the market. Made and Manufactured in California, USA. Visit www.watermansappliedscience.com <http://www.watermansappliedscience.com> to learn more.

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