S.I.C. S-16 Standamaran Race SUP


Here’s the next creation from the mind of Mark Raaphorst. This is crazy. Mark says the S-16 can sustain a 6.5 mph pace…unreal. I’ll check it out on Maui next week.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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16 Responses to “S.I.C. S-16 Standamaran Race SUP”

  1. Phil Lizares 1Phil Lizares

    That is one “Cool Cat”. Can’t wait !

  2. Harris 2Harris

    Sustaining that speed is amazing. If it handles well in the rough it will be a great bump catcher. I wonder if it will qualify as unlimited class or a new class will need to be created. If the claims are true will probably benefit from a bigger blade.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    I am very curious on this board…not sure if it can be called a board though? From the video, it looks like it may be awesome for sub 10 mph conditions. The guys paddling it look like they’re blazing, although with Scott Trudon and Livio Menelau, the engine also needs to be considered. I remember Mark mentioning this S16 a few weeks back and he said it was surprisingly stable in choppy conditions. I guess the test will be in open ocean bumps. Hopefully I can check it out in person soon.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    I got a chance to try out the S-16 today in Kihei, Maui. What a blast!!!! I am pretty amazed at how this board performs in flat water and upwind. I’m not sure why, but I actually felt faster going upwind than in the flats. This board takes substantially less effort and muscle to make it move. We tried it out in the downwind portion of the run from the Kihei Canoe Club to Makena Landing. Mark’s going to make some adjustments to the platform area between the hulls to accommodate for the open ocean swells. I’ll post more info when I get it. We also got some good video clips of the board in action along with the new F-16 pre preg autoclave model. That board was really fun too.

  5. Ray Phillips 5Ray Phillips

    As the pleased owner of the S 16 Standamaran I can say that it fulfills the expectations, planning and design work that was done by Mark Raaphorst, The S.I.C techs and myself; a design engineer from the old school. Evan is right. It feels faster upwind but it really sails downwind. I own an F 16 and an F 14 I can tell you there is no comparison speed wise. The deck is being modified by the designers to accomplish optimum downwind water handling for riding the bigger swells. The next S 16 will reflect the modification. Right now, the Standi is very fast, stable, handles great in upwind and downwind conditions. It is a great innovation in the SUP race world.

  6. Ray Phillips 6Ray Phillips

    Really impressed with the results of the design and tech work done by Mark Raaphorst, the S.I.C. crew and myself; a design engineer from the old school. It does fly. Upwind, it feels incredibly fast. Same Downwind. Extremely stable. Light and quick and goes where you point it. The next board out of the mold will reflect the combined thought of modifing the deck to allow for optimum water handling on downwind swells. Not bad as it stands; but we want it to handle the really big stuff as well as it does everything else. Its much faster and handles better than my F 14 and F 16. No doubt, it is a real innovation in the SUP world.

  7. Evan Leong 7evan

    Ray – Thanks for letting me try your board. When do you ride your F-14 vs S-16?

  8. florida Bob 8florida Bob

    Can I buy one of these STAND UP CAT BOARDS ? I want a fast stand up for gulf of mexico summers when my kite surfing wind dies out.

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    Yup – Call Mark or Karen at 808-877-7728.

  10. Rob P. 10Rob P.

    Next thing the two hulls will be replaced by a main hull with an ama on one side for stability. The length of the main hull will be extended and the ama shortened to reduce drag. Then, the center of gravity would be lowered resulting in a seated instead of standing position and that would be the revolution.

    Wait, isn’t that just an OC-1?

  11. Evan Leong 11evan

    Rob – It’s funny you say that because there has been discussions on a narrow displacement hull stand up board with an ama. It may even bear close resemblance to an OC-1.

  12. Ray Phillips 12Ray Phillips

    Aloha Evan
    Sure ..lets go for a ride. As for the F 14s and F16s I have to admit that the Standamaran gets most of the use. Mark just completed Standamaran #4.. the board is fantastic and I am proud of the collaboration on the design. Of couse, Mark did a heck of a job on it. If ever I loved a geat board fron S.I.C. this it. I truly believe that this is the next evolution in the SUP world. Are you getting one?

  13. nick bowers 13nick bowers

    I just got back from a vacation in Pawleys Island, S.C.. I saw my first sup board in action. I am an old guy with no surfing experience; skateboarding when I was young. I am feverish to get out and ride the flatwater Tennessee River in Chattanooga next to my house. I am reading about the S-16 and it looks great.
    I don’t have a huge budget for my first sup boat but I would like for you to keep me in mind for when you start to produce this cat.
    I could go on about watching the sunset while walking on water or getting good exercise so I will end here.

  14. Craig 14Craig

    For some reason I can see a drag limit with counteracting bow waves. I can also see a tendency to broach to 45 degrees in a quartering wind. I currently am building a very advanced hull design and am planning training wheels for it. They will be removable or raised. I am also installing an adjustable and retractable skeg. I am almost ready to glass the deck.

    It is just over 15 feet so it will comply with WPA racing regulations.

    With luck it will be the world’s fastest flatwater board and will allow a learning curve with the training wheels.

    I’ll let y’all know in a few weeks

  15. Bob arnot 15Bob arnot

    Tried paddling upwind from Kahului harbor toward the beginning of the Maliko run. Stunningly stable directly into the headwind. Most impressive stability in a direct crosswind with big chop. Ordered one on the spot!

  16. Evan Leong 16evan

    Bob – Did you try the latest version? That’s what I’ve been riding and loving. The standamaran is pretty unreal!

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