S.I.C. S-16 Standamaran Racing SUP Stand Up Paddle Board – Full Review and Videos



I recently visited Mark Raaphorst at the S.I.C. headquarters in Maui and got to check out one of his latest creations, the S-16 Standamaran racing SUP stand up paddle board. The S-16 is surprisingly fast, especially going upwind. Upwind paddling is actually fun on this board. I shot some video of Mark explaining about the S-16 and got some footage from our downwind test run.

The S-16 came about when Mark got an order for 4 catamarans. Right now, the board is built to order but Mark is thinking of offering it as a production board. They already have a mold and are making adjustments to the platform area. After seeing the first promo video, I just couldn’t wait to test it out.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

From the video we knew it was fast in flat water but what about in open ocean bumps, side chop and downwind? That was answered during our test run. Let’s run through the board specs first.

Here are some of the specs for the S-16:

Dimensions: 16′ x 28″
Centerline: 21″
Weight: 27 lbs (It feels really light)

Better yet, check out this video where Mark goes over the S-16:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

We tested it on a downwind run in Kihei, Maui. I paddled the S-16 upwind for a bit at the beginning of the run to test it out. I was blown away at the speed and glide I could get going upwind. The S-16 in flat water and upwind is extremely responsive to each paddle stroke. I just took one stroke and I was off and running. It felt almost effortless, just the way I like it. Paddling into a 15 mph headwind I was actually gliding. Huh? That never happens to me on anything else I’ve ridden. If this is the case for Oahu, the last portion of the Hawaii Kai run that’s upwind will be way easier. I can’t wait to test it out on my home course but that probably won’t be until July at the earliest.

At 28″ wide, the board is super stable. In fact, it feels just as stable if not more stable than 34″ wide SUP’s I’ve ridden. Side chop has no effect on it and balance is not an issue. Pono Bill got on the board and at 260 lbs he could paddle it too.

The big question that I had was, “How will the S-16 perform in open ocean conditions and can it catch bumps?” The answer is mixed (for this version). One issue we ran into was the platform was reinforced and when the reinforcements hit the waves, it slowed the board down.

sic-s-16-standamaran-racing-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-17 Cross reinforcements under the deck

Since the board sits fairly low in the water, this affected me more than the other guys because I weigh 205 lbs, Livio is 170 and Mark is 185. The board catches bumps pretty easy so in the next version the platform will be adjusted or changed. Mark already has some ideas for this and he mentioned that he will only be satisfied when the S-16 can perform in a Maliko run as well as in flat water. That’s pretty ambitious but if anyone can do it, he can.

A couple of things were surprising about the board. I thought that there may be a tendency for it to turn sideways and then flip over when going downwind. That never happened and wasn’t an issue. The other thing is that I was able to steer and surf the board without the rudder for a good portion of the test. I thought that I would need to stay on the rudder the whole time but that wasn’t the case.

Here’s another video where we take out the S-16 and test it in open waters:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here are some pictures of the S-16:

There are 2 rudders on the S-16.

sic-s-16-standamaran-racing-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-07 The S-16 tail with dual rudders

Both rudders are controlled by a single foot pedal mounted on the deck. The foot pedal has a telescopic extension that can be adjusted on the fly.

sic-s-16-standamaran-racing-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-12 The steering pedal

The deck has full EVA padding, leash plugs for straps and leash and a carry handle. Keep in mind this is the first S-16 to come out of the mold so #4 will be even more refined.

sic-s-16-standamaran-racing-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-10 The deck

sic-s-16-standamaran-racing-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-11 Carry handle

I can’t wait to see what Mark has in store for the next versions!

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11 Responses to “S.I.C. S-16 Standamaran Racing SUP Stand Up Paddle Board – Full Review and Videos”

  1. scott nagaz 1scott nagaz

    evan, did mark say how much the s-16 is?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Scott – Current price is $4380

  3. Sam 3Sam

    Hey Evan. Is it me or the video links aren’t working? When I click on the thumnail I get sent to the top of the page?

  4.  4admin

    Hi Sam, are you using a pop-up blocker on your browser? If you do, please allow pop-ups from StandUpPaddleSurf.net. Our video player opens a pop-up window.

  5. onnopaddle 5onnopaddle

    Hey Todd,

    Remember two years ago when I mentioned the cat ? You told me ” It will never work and everything has already been done ”

    Laughed then and still laughing now.


  6. Sam 6Sam

    Thanks! I think it’s because I’m using IE8 and the security features are messing things up. I’m going to go back to IE7 and see how it goes.

  7. Scott 7Scott

    Hey Evan
    This board looks insane and from the looks of the video where you were paddling it up wind, it seems like you were gliding up wind !!! Also Livio looked like he was paddling hard to keep up. Thats crazy. How windy was it that day ??? In the video you sound like you were blown away by this thing ? I’m sure you’ll have one soon… :)

    Di you think this will be strictly a pleasure ride or will you be able to race the standamaran ????

    Sorry for all the questions … nut I am blown away by what I saw in your video. $4380 ….. OUCH !!!!

    Thanks my Man


  8. Evan Leong 8evan

    Scott – Yup, the board is pretty unreal. I wish the camera could have gotten my facial expressions when I started to paddle upwind and kept gliding. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The wind was around 15mph that day with higher gusts. Livio and I were paddling from the beach to the wind line against a side wind. There is no way I should be anywhere near him when he’s paddling hard. He’s normally about 20 minutes faster than me on the 9.2 mile downwinder. He’s paddling an F-16 v2 which is also a fast board and I’m in front of him????? Mark is making some enhancements and hopefully we’ll get to test one in Oahu waters this summer.

    If they allow the standamarans in the race, I’ll probably try it, especially in light wind conditions or anything in ugly, choppy water and head wind. The price is high now because the production costs are pretty high but if the board gets popular, it may come down.

  9. Scott R 9Scott R

    Hey Evan I had a couple of questions about the S16.

    What happens if you fall on an ama? It’s a lot smaller than a board and I can only assume weaker as a result. The CF is made to be lighter and not stronger unless they double layer right? Will it crack? If its broken and taking on water is there enough float with the other side to get someplace safe if you’re doing a downwinder?

    In the video when the fresh ama is popped out of the mold it looks like Mark is checking out a huge crack briefly. Was that a production defect that is repaired or should they start over on that one? I know next to nothing about composites.

    I am very interested in this as I do a lot of out and back paddling with the wind coming from any direction. Hopefully the price may come down on this but I can’t imagine by too much.

  10. Evan Leong 10evan

    Scott R – I think you need to treat the S16 like a carbon OC-1. The hulls are basically like OC-1 ama’s. Maybe Mark can answer your questions.

    I think the part you’re looking at is a black streak which he was trying to rub off but not totally sure.

  11. Bing 11Bing

    Anything new on the Standamaran? Is SIC going to build them?

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