Clay Carson Board Repair



On the referral of Jeff Chang at Wet Feet and Robert Stehlik at Blue Planet Surf I took in my board for a small repair to Clay Carson. He specialized in fixing carbon boards, canoes, etc and has a reputation of being the best. If you need a fix, call him at 808-225-2263 and let him know I sent you.

My F-18 had a few small pin hole leaks in the tail and instead of doing an ugly job to fix it, I just took it to Clay to do it right. Unless you look close, you can’t tell it was reinforced.


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8 Responses to “Clay Carson Board Repair”

  1. Pureadrenalin 1Pureadrenalin

    Clay does good work. When I first talked to Clay I didn’t know he does all warranty work for Joe Bark that was something really good to hear after dropping my Bark on my concrete slab.

  2. Diesel 2Diesel

    I hate to make negative comments but I feel I need to for this one. Be careful in your dealings with Clay Carson. I had a bad experience with him where he did not stand behind his work. Hopefully, he has changed his ways but that was my experience.

  3. SEA 3SEA

    I don’t understand Diesel’s statement that clay does not stand behind his work. I have known Clay since I was about 14 which is 35 years. He is a fair guy and does good work and would not be doing Joe Barks warranty work if he was a shady guy or did Junk work. I can say that after just dropping off my Naish 14 glide , which took another boards Fin into the bottom, that he does awesome work. From the looks of his shop he is also super busy. When I went to pick up my Naish 14 there was another Naish 14 that had just come in and clay said it was Herbie Titcombs. Clay has a good reputation and I hope whatever happened was a misunderstanding.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    So far I’ve had Clay do 2 small repairs in the past couple months and it was just as expected.

  5. Led Fingers 5Led Fingers

    I was given a old oc1 Honu that needed the top half re-glassed. A friend recommended Clay Carson. At the time he was so backed up with repairs that I didn’t get my canoe back until about a month later but it was worth the wait. Clay did a excellent job with the repair and new paint job. Word of mouth goes a long way.

  6. Dawn 6Dawn

    Clay Carson is the best…gave me advice on how to repair my board because I live in NY rare to find someone that cares enough to do something for nothing…the best…God Bless this man

  7. Anthony Mielke 7Anthony Mielke

    Howzit Clay, I was wondering if you still repair canoe paddles? You’ve worked on my paddle before. There is a crack on the top of the paddle. I tried going by your shop at sand island i guess you moved . pls. email me with address or i’ll just look for it on your website. either way it would be great to hear from you. Thank You

  8. GMan 8GMan

    I’ve known many folks who have the knowledge and skill to repair & mend canoe’s and boards. With regards to Quality Work; Clay Carson holds his own, meaning, I’ve always been very pleased with his work. My wife and I have owned a number of OC-1’s, Clays the only one we go to for any issue’s or repairs. It’s obvious he’s in high demand throughout the paddling and surfing community, So it’s reasonable to assume one should not expect a rush on any repairs. Clays meticulous and focused when repairing and mending boards and canoes.

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