S.I.C. S-16 SUP Standamaran version 3



Looks like Mark made some dramatic changes to the S-16 SUP Standamaran. I’m still waiting for an update on how it rides compared to the earlier versions. Looks pretty slick though.


Notice the high clearance iakos holding together the hulls like an OC-1 canoe and the split standing platform. This allows for better bump riding. I can’t wait to try this one out.

20100325_mark_sic_007 High clearance iako

20100325_mark_sic_008 Steering system top view

20100325_mark_sic_009 Foot steering pedal

20100325_mark_sic_003 Comfortable standing platform

20100325_mark_sic_004 Very light weight

20100325_mark_sic_005 Proud papa

20100325_mark_sic_006 Bottom side of S-16

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5 Responses to “S.I.C. S-16 SUP Standamaran version 3”

  1. onnopaddle 1onnopaddle

    Right on Mark.

    Lower bow and overall height on this one ?

    Thanks for the pic guys.


  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    OP – I think the hulls are exactly the same as before but the change is in the iakos and standing platform.

  3. Pureadrenalin 3Pureadrenalin

    Will this be a permanent design? Or is it still in R&D? I just question what if you fall and one of the hulls end up in you know where. It could be painful. Is the steering mechanics above the rudder durable because exposed like that it looks more vulnerable to damage. Just need to question because this one does not come cheap and its on my quiver list.

  4. onnopaddle 4onnopaddle

    Just IMHO from a board / boat builders perspective Pure,

    I guess you could always put some kine mesh over the ‘gap’ to keep you from stepping through or else ‘deal with it’. : ) My gut feeling on the steering is they just set it up as a ‘just for now’ thing to get out and mess around. Making a bombproof system based on what Mark has already R&D-ed is simple. ZERO worries in this department. Mark … If you are reading this … Does it really need TWO of those huge blades ?? Just wondering.



  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    I think this is still evolving with each one coming out of the mold. Mark mentioned to me that he wanted it to be able to handle Maliko type bumps as well as the flat water conditions but I would probably only ride it in lighter winds and flatter conditions. In high winds, my F-16 v2 seems like more fun. You should contact Mark direct to get specific answers.

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