2010 Maui to Molokai Challenge



Here are some more pictures from the 2010 Maui to Molokai Challenge sent to us by Karen Baxter. Congratulations again to Connor Baxter for winning the Stand Up Solo division and to Mark Raaphorst and Jeremy Riggs for winning the Stand Up Men’s Relay division.

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-002 Start of the Maui to Molokai Race

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-010 Campbell Farrell

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-011 Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian, Campbell Farrell and Jeremy Riggs

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-012 Campbell Farrell, Connor Baxter and Jeremy Riggs

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-014 Connor Baxter and Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-015 Connor Baxter, Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian and Alan Cadiz

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-019 Connor Baxter and Alan Cadiz

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-020 Jack Dyson

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-025 Mark Raaphorst

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-033 Livio Menelau

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-063 Jeremy Riggs aboard the support boat

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-108 Jeremy Riggs

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-118 Mark Raaphorst aboard the support boat

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-144 Mark Raaphorst and Connor Baxter

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-165 Connor Baxter heading to the finish line

2010-maui-to-molokai-challenge-168 Connor and his dog Leilani

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  1. Fred Hyun 1Fred Hyun

    Kudos to Connor (& Mama Karen). Heckuva achievement.

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