How to Catch and Connect Ocean Bumps with Doug Lock and Todd Bradley



I did a Hawaii Kai downwind run with Doug Lock and Todd Bradley a while back. Todd was on a prototype C4 Switchblade and Doug and I rode his Wave Blade OC-2, 2 man canoe. The conditions were a nice 15 mph east trade wind and a great following tide which made the bumps connect really nice.  I shot some video of the tips I got from Doug and Todd. I am now convinced that the best way to learn how to ride and connect open ocean bumps is to go with someone who is experienced and go in an OC-2.

Doug is the guy that explained to me how to ‘connect’ bumps and the first time I understood it. I was blown away when riding with him how his ‘read’ of the ocean made us fly with less effort than normal. He would go right when I thought we should go left and vice versa.  Only thing is we’d catch and connect bumps and he was trying to explain to me what he was doing but it was kinda brain overload for me.

Todd got in the OC-2 for a short time and I got some great tips from him too.  It’s interesting to see how different their styles are.  The funniest part was in the very beginning which I have no idea how I missed it on the video. Todd started paddling and I was filming and trying to get tips on video.  He started to complain about how slow the canoe felt bc he didn’t know I wasn’t even paddling.  When I told him that, he apologized to the canoe’s shaper.  It was hilarious.  Sorry about the wind noise but it was during a downwinder.

Maybe Doug or Todd will chime in the comments.  It’s always good to learn new things.  Check out the video below.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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3 Responses to “How to Catch and Connect Ocean Bumps with Doug Lock and Todd Bradley”

  1. Paul Alferez 1Paul Alferez

    With the World Championships (Molokai to Oahu) coming-up this Sunday, will there be any live coverage on the internet? If so, where can we find it on the internet. Enjoyed watching live battle of the paddle Hawaii 2010 recently. Great job Kaipo & Mark! MAHALO’S, Paul

  2. Harris 2Harris

    Great vid. Interesting to hear the difference is perspective between two great bump riders. I couldn’t help but feel pity for doug and todd dragging your dead weight around. I’m glad todd addressed it.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Todd’s the only one that had to paddle while I shot video.

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