Joe Blair SUP Tutorial Video


Joe Blair

Joe Blair sent over some SUP tutorial videos he had made and after watching them I have to say I was thoroughly amused. Joe is a funny guy. If you meet him in real life, he will make you laugh. He’s also a genuine guy that has an infectious stoke for surfing and stand up paddling. These are not highly polished videos with pros. They are straight tips from a guy that SUP’s a lot and has been shaping surfboards for longer than I’ve been alive. He also qualifies for the senior discount at Zippy’s so the fact that he can do this sport well is impressive.

Flatwater Standup Paddleboarding Tutorial

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Standup Paddleboard Tutorial (Wave Riding)

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2 Responses to “Joe Blair SUP Tutorial Video”

  1. Connie 1Connie


    Thank you for the videos. I am a kayaker and recently took up the ISUP and really appreciate any tips that I can learn.

    Can you tell me why I have three fins on my boat?

  2. Andrea 2Andrea

    Thank you so much for your great explanations. Your tips have improved my paddling experience immensely.

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