2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Elite Race



This is a little late but here is a video and some pictures that I took during the elite race at the 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-070 Travis Grant

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-065 Danny Ching

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-072 Georges Cronsteadt

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-078 Connor Baxter

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-097 Noland Keaulana

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-307 Mariko Strickland

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-147 Candice Appleby

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-142 Morgan Hoesterey

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-290 Gillian Gibree

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-256 Riggs Napoleon

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-327 Herbie Titcomb

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-156 Raimana Van Bastolear

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-155 Christian Bradley and Jeff Chang

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-024 Noa Ginella

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-009 Jeff Chang (right) with Kainoa Beaupre and family

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-025 Kala Alexander and Kainoa Beaupre

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-031 Gerry Lopez

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-034 Men’s division start

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-037 Women’s division start

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-040 Danny Ching leading the 1st lap with Travis Grant close behind

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-056 Georges Cronsteadt being chased by Connor Baxter on the first lap

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-160 Travis Grant now in the lead on the 2nd lap

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-165 Danny Ching following closely

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-179 Connor Baxter now in 3rd position

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-335 Still a very close race between Travis Grant and Danny Ching on lap 3

2011-bop-hi-elite-race-424 Travis Grant takes 1st place

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