How Bad Do You Want Success?


I saw this on my friend Kyle’s facebook page.

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This is a great video with a powerful voice over. Now, I’m not sure I’m gonna give up all my sleep but this is a motivating clip. I searched the internet to find out who did the voice over and it came from here:

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I started watching more on youtube and found this one too:

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I love this stuff. I’m going to show these to my kids and see what they think.

What are the most inspiring or motivational videos you’ve seen?

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2 Responses to “How Bad Do You Want Success?”

  1. Boston Bob 1Boston Bob

    Truer words were never spoken! I love it! But I’ve yet to live it. The quest begins today… I already hate myself for lying in bed this morning when my eyes opened at 5:30am and my bike ready to go, my clothes laidout and I rolled over and said not today. I’ve had too many not todays and that’s why I’m reading this instead of living this.

  2. Fred 2Fred

    Ain’t it the truth! For true success, no shortcuts.

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