SIC and Flow Sports Update


Some of you may know about the recent acquisition of parts of SIC by Flow Sports. I wanted to find out more info on how this affects SIC. I caught up with Mark Raaphorst in a quick Q&A.

I heard that SIC was bought out by Flow Sports. What changes can we expect from this?
For me personally, the changes have freed me up to focus more on custom shapes and R & D. Our custom boards and hollow models are still made in our upcountry Maui factory which I still passionately own and operate. A very positive aspect of this change is that our production models will now be available globally through Flow’s distributor network. Here in the State of Hawaii, Tokunaga, Blue Planet, Hi-Tech and Second Wind carry our line.

Is SIC Maui a separate company?
Yes, I own the Maui Factory location independently. SIC Maui still has the heart and soul of the pre-sale SIC. We are still cutting edge design and making the fastest boards on the water.

What’s new with SIC?
In the works are 2 smaller wave SUP’s : A 7′11″ and an 8′8″ Fish. A new Recon 9′9″ and 10′4′ ” are also in production. In the bigger boards we have a single fin 12′ longboard style cruiser coming up. In the Maui factory we are working on the master for a new hollow Bullet 14 and an Open Ocean Twin Hull. Springtime ETA.

How do we order custom boards from SIC?
Simply call the factory at 808 572-7728 or visit

Mark Raaphorst
Designer/Founder SIC
875 Haliimaile Rd
Makawao, HI 96768
(808) 572-7728

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