First Ride on a Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point SUP Surfing Board



Here are some photos from a recent SUP surfing session with the Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point. I’ve only had one short session on this board because my brother “borrowed” it and has not given it back yet. From my short session I can tell you that it can easily float a 220+ lbs rider and has much better paddle power than I was expecting. Fitted with a thruster setup it turns on a dime and the shape makes it really stable. This is a great board for experienced riders over 210 lbs and perfect for lighter women because it’s super light and easy to carry. When I get it back from my brother I’ll post an update.




Board specifications taken from Starboard’s site:

“Greater response while maintaining a high level of stability.”

This 32″ full mono-concave hull with flattened rocker in the middle section and added tail kick is fast with plenty of acceleration. The relatively fine rails provide greater reactivity and response in rail-to-rail transitions. “Mono-concave the entire length of the board”.


Length8′10″(269.2 cm)
Width32″(81.3 cm)
Thickness4.1″(10.4 cm)
Tail Width18.2″(46.2 cm)
Volume(143 L)


Red Hexcel center and side fins avalable on carbon and PRO models.


*Comes standard with Quad and Thruster fin boxes **Thruster fins are supplied based on team rider performance feedback.
AST Electric Blue features an extra set of Surf Finz boxes set forward near the rail for added tracking when windsurfing (extra fins not provided).



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2 Responses to “First Ride on a Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point SUP Surfing Board”

  1. Carl 1Carl

    Dimensions look right for this board, but the volume is obviously wrong. This board should be closer to 140 L.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Carl – Thanks for finding that typo. It’s fixed now. It’s 143L according to–8-10-x32-wide-point.

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