Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles



I recently got a couple of Hydro Flask steel vacuum insulated water bottles (40 oz and 64 oz). I’ll cut to the chase. These are the best insulated thermos bottles I’ve ever used.

A few years ago my wife bought a number of Tiger brand insulated stainless steel bottles and we still use them today. They keep everything cold for a long time and hot for a long time, depending on what you want to do. They have a fancy pop top and very nice Japanese engineering. They are also pretty expensive.


When I got the Hydro Flask I noticed that it seems to have a similar double wall construction. I like the wider mouth and thicker lip though. It’s easier to load in ice and other things like protein powder. It’s also a bit more comfortable to drink from although there are accessories that can attach in case you don’t want to drink that way. The Hydro Flask is kind of a mashup between my Nalgene water bottle and Tiger. It stays super cold for a LONG time, doesn’t sweat and has a wide mouth. I thought I’d use the 64 oz size to fill in a meal replacement for the day and drink it in increments but so far the 40 oz has been more than adequate so the 64 is starting to get lonely. I find that the 64 oz is really handy for keeping cold water for my family of 6 without having to bring a bunch of different bottles.


One thing that the Hydro Flask does extremely well is keeping cold stuff cold. When I go to the beach and park in the hot sun, I leave the Hydro Flask in the car and it doesn’t matter if I come back in an hour or all day, the stuff inside is still cold. I’ve made a smoothie in the morning and opened it at lunch time and it was still a frozen consistency.

I guess I’m not the only one that loves this thing. Here in Hawaii I’m seeing it everywhere now. My prediction is that this is the new Crocs…not in the sense that it’s apparel but the way I’m seeing it penetrate the market I think that this company is on a very nice trajectory.

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