Everpaddle SUP Deck Bag and Elastic Cord Netting



Kevin Seid from Everpaddle showed me a couple of their SUP board accessories, the Everpaddle Deck bag and the Everpaddle Elastic Cord Netting. These are great options for touring, cruising or camping. The bag and net are light weight and look pretty durable. Kevin, the founder of Everpaddle is an avid SUP paddler and racer and has worked hard on his line of product for the past few years. I first met Kevin when he came out with a bamboo stand up paddle. These accessories round out his line of gear for SUP.

Check out the videos below:

The Everpaddle Deck Bag:

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everpaddle-deck-bag-and-elastic-cord-netting-03 Kevin Seid showing how to mount the deck bag on a SUP board

About the Everpaddle Deck Bag (from Everpaddle’s website):

Everpaddle Stand-up paddleboard deck bags that will store supplies for your next adventure for touring, free diving, fishing, or an oceanic picnic. Includes a bottle holder, shock cords for fins and paddle holder, side pouch for smaller items, large main compartment held open with a piece of recycled HDPE plastic (which can be used as a cutting board). Strong 900 denier nylon made of recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles. Stored inside is a shoulder strap that converts deck bag into a messenger bag. Made in the USA.


The Everpaddle Elastic Cord Netting:

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everpaddle-deck-bag-and-elastic-cord-netting-11 Kevin now showing how to mount the elastic cord netting on a SUP board

About the Everpaddle Elastic Cord Netting (from Everpaddle’s website):

Holds down items like fins, spear gun, paddle, short surfboard, dry bags, and whatever else your inner Huckleberry Finn wants. Attaches to board with simple leash plug-like glue-ons.

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