Molokai Trip with Mark Raaphorst and Sandwich Island Composites Team



Mark Raaphorst and his Sandwich Island Composites Team did a great job with these photos on their Molokai Trip. Mark sent me these to share with everyone. Enjoy the images.

20090704_molokai_misc_007 captain Eric, early AM, Kahului Harbor

20090704_molokai_sup_005 Waiting for the trades to kick in

20090704_andrea_moller_019 Andrea

20090704_donna_badome_009 Donna enjoying the view

20090704_jenn_konohia_003 Jenn Konohia

20090704_livio_menelau_004 Livio Menelau

20090704_andrea_moller_017 pot of gold…

20090704_mark_raaphorst_013 chasing rainbows

20090704_jenn_konohia_021 another bump…

20090704_molokai_sup_033 giant caves by Kalaupapa

20090704_mark_raaphorst_054 more adrenaline please

20090704_molokai_sup_047 why paddle; just surf and glide

20090704_donna_badome_030 Donna Badome-Raaphorst setting up for another bump

20090704_molokai_misc_018 Eric & Sara’s boat/ Kalaupapa harbor with the Sandwich Island Composites Team

Top photo: The S.I.C Molo team on F18, F16’s & F14

Sandwich Island Composites Team: Mark Raaphorst, Donna Badome, Andrea Moller, Jenn Konohia, Livio Menelau

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  1. David Bearden 1David Bearden

    Those are some amazing pictures.

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