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Aloha you all… Evan gave me access to the site and here I am writing my first post. A quick stand up paddle history about me. I first stood up with a paddle about two years ago on Maui when I was visiting a couple of friends. They plopped me onto a couple monster 12 foot boards and I was hooked. I left Maui with a repaired paddle (broken windsurf mast and universal) looking for a board. A buddy in Honolulu had an old beat up Munoz Surftech that he loaned me. I was in for a surprise the first time I paddled out at Kaimana. The board was totally unstable and the winds battered me to shreds. I kept taking the board out until I finally found my very own board. It was a Dave Parmenter 10′ gray camo board shaped for Archie on Maui. This board was a beast. Heavy, stable, and a tank on water. The board had gone many through many hands and everytime I went out someone would yell.. hey that board was sitting at my house for months…

Fast forward to earlier this year. I found a used Bryan Caldwell on Craigslist and bought it along with a C-4 paddle for my wife. It ended up being too big for her, so I went out and found a used 9′6″ Blane Chambers. The point of my story is that I ended up selling the Parmenter, selling the Caldwell and now I ride my wife’s Chambers exclusively. I’m in the market to get her a new 9′0″ as she’s pretty small.

Bryan Caldwell 10′

Ok… so with that SUP history aside my post today is about the dreaded vent plug found on many hand shaped epoxy/EPS boards. I hate them. I have forgotten to put the plug in my board soo many times, I am sure my boards have been waterlogged. I finally found a great solution. I don’t use the vent plugs anymore. I put a thick piece of waterproof plumbing tape, the same stuff I use for quickly cover dings. It works like a charm. When the board heats up the tape bubble up a bit and when the board cools off it gets sucked into the vent plug a bit. Never had a problem and I definitely know water is not leaking in.

That’s my SUPTIP of the day. If you have any you want to share drop me a line and I’ll repost them.

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4 Responses to “Stand Up Paddle Board Vent Plugs”

  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    Carnet – Thanks for the info. See you out at ‘old man’s’. Can you post a picture of your drain plug fix?

  2. DW 2DW

    As a windsurfer with over 25 years experience with vent plugs, I can tell you to forget the vent plug. Close it up and never open it. More boards are damaged by plugs left open, than by heat.

    Provided you avoid a few simple things. Don’t use board bags. They bake boards. Don’t leave it inside your car. Don’t take it on airplanes. These three things are what vent plugs were ment for. I assume the board is a light color. Avoid reds and other colors that get super hot.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Thanks for the info DW!

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    I just visited Infinity Surf and he’s got an interesting new 2 piece vent plug with one component from Gore Tex. I think Wet Feet Hawaii will also have the same plugs or something similar for the new Brian Caldwell customs coming out in a few weeks.

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