Angulo 11′9″ Stand Up Paddle Downwinder Video


This is a short clip of me on a downwind run with my friend Kekoa.  I’m on my Angulo 11′9″ and using a Leleo custom wood paddle.   This is nothing really eventful but I thought it would be nice for people to see what Blackpoint looks like from the water.

Ed Angulo 11'9 Stand Up Paddle Surfboard

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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  1. Teene 1Teene

    Lower rocker profile and slight double concave makes this SUB very quick. Lightweight and strong construction with mounting points for handles. Very Good big boy SUB and excellent for novices. This Sub has another potential as a Touring or Trekking SUB for coastal cruising, touring lakes and rivers. Catches waves easy and is fast and loose on small to medium size waves… Well done Ed!!!

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