Chair Rig on Angulo 11′9″ Stand Up Paddle Surfboard


Chair Rig on Angulo 11-9 Stand Up Paddle Surfboard

If you want an easy way to take your toddlers out on your stand up paddle board, here’s a solution. I rigged up my Angulo 11′9″ from with handles and then strap the Scooby Doo chair to the front. The pads in the front make it easy to mount the chair and also when the boys get bigger and just want to sit on the deck. I like this setup because the whitewash goes under the chair instead of right in the boy’s faces when paddling out in small surf.

I take my oldest son on this when I can because it really allows us to get those father son bonding experiences.

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2 Responses to “Chair Rig on Angulo 11′9″ Stand Up Paddle Surfboard”

  1. Guillermo 1Guillermo

    Very cool.

    Where did you get the straps/handles?

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    I got the handles at Wet Feet Hawaii You can use anything for the strap bc it’s not that tight. I think a good cheap option is old surf rack straps.

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