Doug Lock Quiver – Custom 10 Ft Wood Veneer Stand Up Paddle Surfboard


Wood Veneer Stand Up Paddle Surfboard from Wet Feet Hawaii

Doug shows us his custom 10′ wood veneer stand up paddle surfboard made by Ted Spencer from Australia. The board as you can see doesn’t have an air vent compared to Doug’s other custom-made ones. He explains that the wood veneer has a solid, sandwich-like construction so that the air expanding is the last of his worries on this type of board.

Doug claims that Ted has done something unusual with the board, which he says gives the board bite and make it feel like you’re riding on an edge.

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Evan: Little woodie, huh?

Doug: Little woodie, wood… actually it is foam core. It’s is Styrofoam core.

Evan: This is more of a classic kind of look.

Doug: Yeah kind of a classic look.

Evan: Kind of got a lot of concave going on. That’s what it looks like, huh?

Doug: A lot of concave going on. There’s a pretty pronounced V back here. This board is probably the first stand up surfing board that Ted Spencer made. Ted Spencer is from Australia; former professional surfer and a very talented shaper.

Evan: What do you use this board for then?

Doug: This board is just like – when I feel like really getting in to a good feel, a nice rhythm and a different feel because the…

Evan: More cruising or something or what?

Doug: Actually, you’d be surprised. This board is not a cruiser. It may look like a cruiser but the way Ted made this board, it’s so very free flowing board that just glides. You can do pretty much anything. It has a pretty nice pivot turn, it nose rides really well, it has got a very soft rail. But the funny thing is, and I can’t figure it out…

Evan: This rail is really soft.

Doug: It’s very soft but for some strange reason, and only Ted knows this, is for some weird reason it has bite; it feels like you’re riding on an edge. And I can’t understand and he can’t tell you.

Evan: Maybe it’s this concave.

Doug: It’s something. It’s some transition back here and he is a master craftsman.

Evan: You know what this concave looks like? It looks like a concave on a Jimmy Lewis kiteboard. You know what I mean? It’s like the water skis have it, have this flat, this area that goes flat and then concaves in and flattens out with a softer rail so it sucks water to hold you in… that’s what it looks like.

Jeff: Yeah.

Doug: It has got this really…

Evan: Got kind of a lot of V going on in the back, huh?

Doug: Yeah a lot of V. The turn on it is really interesting. It’s more…

Evan: More smoothy, smooth kind of really wide turns…

Doug: Yeah it’s very smooth but it does this really nice pivot turn that just – I can’t explain. When I first saw the board before I rode it, I looked at it and said, “Oh this rail is too soft and this and that.” When I actually rode it, it blew my mind out.

Evan: What does the top look like?

Doug: Actually all he did was basically, he kind of (____) the deck a little bit but…

Evan: It really looks like wood when you look at it.

Doug: Yeah, it’s just…

Evan: The thing really looks like wood.

Doug: He is the guy for wood veneering here in Hawaii. He’s really good at what he does.

Evan: So this one you just left the pad normal. You didn’t cut it out.

Doug: I didn’t yet. But now that I am feeling this board more I think I’m going to put a deck pad in there.

Evan: Oh you want to figure where it was at.

Doug: Right, right. But I know right back here on the tail it will be fine. But it’s a good reference point. But it’s really different kind of from everything else.

Evan: This is a custom board?

Doug: This is a custom board, yeah.

Evan: So how come on this custom board there’s no more air valve but on the other ones there is?

Doug: Well, the theory was I didn’t want one for mine – just want to try without it. As long as you take care of your boards, you don’t really have to worry too much about the air vent. Mostly, actually when you’re traveling in an airplane but if it’s in a really hot car that’s when you got to worry about it the most. But as far as the air vent… with the wood veneer it’s a sandwich type of construction so you don’t really have to worry too much about the air expanding, contracting; it’s more of solid as a unit.

Evan: Cool

icon for podpress  Doug Lock Quiver - Custom 10 Ft Wood Veneer Stand Up Paddle Surfboard [3:58m]: Download
icon for podpress  Doug Lock Quiver - Custom 10 Ft Wood Veneer Stand Up Paddle Surfboard [3:59m]: Download

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