Off to Pono Bills Big Board Test Tomorrow


Only one more day and I’m off to Maui to join Pono Bill, StoneAxe and the gang to test out a slew of stand up paddle equipment. More info here I think Bill has something like 20 to 30 boards to test in one day. I’m interested to see how this will be done because it’s already tricky to test out 2 boards side by side. Times that by 10 and it will definitely get interesting.

The part for me that I’m worrying about is trying to ride all the boards because I’m not in top physical shape and it may be embarrassing when all the older guys and ladies last longer than me. Actually, that shouldn’t be that much of an issue because I’m already used to it.

The main reason I am flying to Maui is to meet all the cool people involved with this sport and I’ve always wanted to meet Bill and Bob in person. I’m excited and will hopefully have some good feedback in the near future. Thanks Bill!

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3 Responses to “Off to Pono Bills Big Board Test Tomorrow”

  1. KaiDogg 1KaiDogg

    Well, go rip it up on a few for me (*sigh*). I know you already will, but please post feedback, plenty of pic’s, etc. as soon as you can! Mahalo

  2. linter 2linter

    man, am i jealous. i mean, seriously jealous. anyway, have fun! bring back pix! and a new board for yourself!

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    I’ll have to post some pics and info soon. I only got around 20 or so pictures because Diane (Bill’s wife) was shooting constantly with a Nikon SLR and her pics were much better. I also wanted to get on the boards asap. Diane ended up with over 1200 pictures and got some absolutely sweet ones.

    If they have another one and you guys can make it you should go. It was a blast! There were something like 50 boards there if you include the ones that people brought with them.

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