Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek



We were fortunate to get a sneak peek at the 2009 Starboard SUP Catalog. Here is the latest offering from the largest windsurf company in the world now focusing on stand up paddle surfing.

To know more about the latest from Starboard SUP product line, download the catalog.

starboard-12x30-big-easy-sup-board.jpg 12′0″ x 32″ Big Easy: stable to paddle

starboard-11-2x30-the-blend-sup-board.jpg 11′2″ x 30″ The Blend: taking its roots in a traditional longboarding style

starboard-8-5x38-the-tiki-sup-board.jpg 8′5″ x 28″ The Tiki: for kids looking for a quick learning curve

starboard-10x34-the-whopper-sup-board.jpg 10′0″ x 34″ The Whopper is a super stable surf SUP

starboard-9-8x30-element-sup-board.jpg 9′8″ x 30″ Element: the performance
oriented short board

starboard-9-8x285-super-fish-sup-board.jpg 9′8″ x 28.5″ Super Fish pushes SUP surfing to totally new levels (Ekolu’s favorite)

starboard-9x30-the-stinger-sup-board.jpg 9′0″ x 30″ Stinger, your short board for more surf performance

starboard-8-5x30-pocket-rocket-sup-board.jpg 8′5″ x 30″ Pocket Rocket is the board for the ambitious surfer in you

starboard-12-6-super-sup-board.jpg SUPer 12′6″ with the windsurf daggerboard system

starboard-tac-sup-board.jpg Terje Haakonsen, TAC Edition is a must have collector’s item in limited edition wood technology

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5 Responses to “Starboard 2009 SUP Catalog – Sneak Peek”

  1. Sue Camp 1Sue Camp

    Is anybody selling Starboards on Oahu?

    Great website! Also informative info. Thanks! Sue

  2. Andy Mencke 2Andy Mencke

    Dear friends
    maybe it is an interesting news for you, that the German distributor from Starboard SUP will have a 100% pure SUP booth at the worlds largest trage show for water sport activities, the “Boot” in Duesseldorf from saturday on. You can find us in hall 13, booth A79 and we will present there the 2009 Starboard SUP collection.
    If you need any assist, please let me know. Would be great to meet you there.
    Best regards.

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Sue – Kimo’s Surf Hut in Kailua carries Starboard

  4. linter 4linter

    what about the 10.5???!!!!

  5. Evan Leong 5evan

    Linter – Looks like we need to add that. Thanks for the info.

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