Candice Appleby with Her New Tropical Blends Pro-Model Prototype SUP Board – Video



Tropical Blends’ Team rider, Candice Appleby gives us a glimpse of her new proto-type high performance model by shaper, Shane Reuber. Candice shows us the stage 1 of the shaping process with this video clip that she personally took.

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The board is shaped by Shane Reuber with design innovation by me. It is 8′10” in length, by 27.5” wide and 3 7/8th” thick. There is substantial nose rocker and lift in the tail for easy of every in more critical surf. The design intent of this board is to be fast and responsive in bigger hollow surf, but also highly maneuverable in smaller, down-the-line type of surf. This Pro-Model if intended for progressive surfing with off-the-lips, round house cut-backs, and getting barreled in mind. This board is essentially a shortboarders answer to paddle surfing.

- Candice Appleby


candice_appleby_pro_model-12              The Candice Appleby 8′10” Pro-Model Tropical Blends SUP board


candice_appleby_pro_model-1     A substantial nose rocker shifted back for the new 8′10” pro-model shaped by Shane Reuber


candice_appleby_pro_model-7     Candice Appleby’s new sup board with a quad fin set-up


candice_appleby_pro_model-13      The swallow tail on the 8’10” Candice Appleby pro-model SUP board






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