Tropical Blends Welo 9′6″ SUP Board



Tropical Blends 9′6″ x 30″ Welo is one of the best surfing SUP’s I’ve tried so far this year. The first time I tried it was when Tony Myers was riding his Welo at Old Man’s and having a blast.  We switched boards for a bit and I got to test it in head high surf.  I was initially playing around with a new 15′ flat water board so it took a while to get my balance back but when I caught a wave I was surprised at how stable the board was and how well it turned.  It also seemed to keep its speed in the turn really well.  At that point, I decided to get one for myself.Ever since I started doing downwinders, I have a tough time going for a quick surf session on a board under 10′.  I think it’s because I get used to the 14′ and up length along with the long glides.  The Welo is a happy medium.  It has decent paddle power for a shorter board and what it excels at is surfing.  This board is easy to surf.  It turns easy, keeps its speed and is stable.

This is also a great choice for women.  It’s small and light enough for a 110 lbs woman to carry around relatively easy.  This board is especially good for women just wanting to get in the water and paddle around for exercise.

I got Kumau at  Tropical Blends to give me the technical scoop on the Welo 9′6″. It comes with a 2+1 fin setup and dual leash plugs along the stringer to attach a paddle. Check out Kumau in the video for a better overview.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

tb-welo-9'6''-sup-board-16.jpg                               Kumau showing how the handle straps work with your paddle

tb-welo-9'6''-sup-board-14.jpg                               2+1 fin set-up on the Tropical Blends Welo 9′6″

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