Tropical Blends Moku 11′7″ SUP Board



Tropical Blends’ ’09 line of SUPs includes a board designed for the “big guy that wants to surf” says Jim Hayes (Tropical Blends owner). “If you’re in the 200+ weight range with a good set of skills, the Moku is 11’ 7” of surfing pleasure” Jim continues. At 31” wide, 4 1/2” thick and plenty of rocker, this board is meant for performance. Here’s a video with Jim providing the details about the Moku.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Jim says that this board was designed to give the rider increased stability by providing additional foam under the rider’s feet in the middle part of the board. Jim calls this his “island of foam” concept. The idea is to give the rider additional floatation in the standing area on the board while foiling it out toward the rails and ends to help it perform better in the surf.

tb-moku-04.jpg                  Foil and rocker on the Moku 11’7”

 Jim said that the Moku is specifically designed for a bigger guy who wants to surf. It has a substantial surfboard rocker and smooth downturned rails.

The Moku is set up to accommodate a 2+1 fin configuration with a “moon” tail.

tb-moku-14.jpg                   Moku 11’ 7” moon tail with 2+1 fin set-up


tb-moku-22.jpg                  Wall of Moku 11’ 7” – at the Tropical Blends’ Stand Up Shop.

I thought that the Moku would also be a good tandem board. Visit the Shop and tell Jim sent you.

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  1. Jonathan Fisher 1Jonathan Fisher

    I have been on this board for over a year here in the Pacific Nortwest, Seattle/Bellevue area on the lakes and rivers and love it. Its durability for a 200lb guy and his 100lb lab are a test of build quality. I must also include how the board stood up to flying out of the back of my truck at 60 mph, flipping end over end, to settle down with only a few scratches on the tip and tail! Whew! what a relief. Thanks guys

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