Surftech Gerry Lopez’ 8′11″, 9′6″, 10′ SUP Boards


Here’s a peek at the new Surftech Gerry Lopez SUP line.

GERRY LOPEZ – 8′11 “Lil’ Darling SUP Board”

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-04 Surftech Gerry Lopez 8′11″ Lil’ Darling SUP board

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-01 Square tail

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-02 Quad fin set-up bottom

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-09 with little nose kick

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-11 Top view with handle on the deck

surftech-gerry-lopez-811-sup-board-14 Tuflite technology

GERRY LOPEZ – 9′6 “Surf Music” SUP Board

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-01.jpg     Surftech Gerry Lopez 9′6″ SUP board

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-02.jpg       square tail

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-04.jpg          Sharp bottom edges

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-06.jpg         Carry handle

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-12.jpg           Board specs

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-13.jpg          2 + 1 fin set-up

surftech-gerry-lopez- 9'6''-sup-board-17.jpg           with a single concave

GERRY LOPEZ- 10′ “Surf Music” SUP Board:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

(click thumbnail to launch video)

surftech-gerry-lopez-10-sup-board-02 Surftech Gerry Lopez 10′ SUP board

surftech-gerry-lopez-10-sup-board-09 Gerry Lopez “Surf Music” 10′ sup board specs

surftech-gerry-lopez-10-sup-board-07 2 + 1 set-up

surftech-gerry-lopez-10-sup-board-03 With brown rails and green deck


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3 Responses to “Surftech Gerry Lopez’ 8′11″, 9′6″, 10′ SUP Boards”

  1. Jeff 1Jeff

    The 8-11 quad is really fun to ride, it rips and looks beautiful too. Aloha,

  2. surf711 2surf711

    [..YouTube..] I just got one…. so fun!!!!!

  3. randy 3randy

    If I had to describe the 10′ Lopez in one word, it would be rotation. It’s not the board you would ideally start out with (unless you really like a challenge or are a masochist) but it’s a sweet hot dog sup once you get it down.

    My first impression when paddling this board was that it was a bit tippy. Like my 10′3 Alii but in a different way. The rail line is much lower than my Takayama sup even though it is the same thickness and wider with concaves, the pinched rails take a bit of getting used to. Part of that tippiness came from the lack of a large center fin as this board comes with a thruster setup. I found that the tri fin setup was a bit loose and skatey for me.

    My personal preferance with longboards as well as with sups is a 1 2 fin setup. I changed the larger fins for some 4.5 sidebites and the center fin with a 8″ surftech cutaway which gave the board more bite and drive off the bottom and off the top. What’s more is that it made for more stability paddling or just standing there. That setup had just enough hold while still keeping the board loose and drivey. The nice thing about this board is that the short turning radius. The arcs are round but tight. Allows you to shoot for sections ahead of you; blast past or rotate off the top and land with it . Of course I wasn’t riding anything bigger than shoulder high but it felt positive enough to handle overhead surf. At 180 lbs, it seemed to float me well. Oh, yeah. About those lower pinched rails, I suppose that’s the reason why you get the nice, tight flowing rotations on your turns, wherever you decide to lay them.

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