Downwind SUP Run and Tips from Ekolu Kalama



A few weeks ago I got a chance to join some of the fastest downwind paddlers on a practice run before the Duke’s Oceanfest Race.  The plan was to shoot some video tips from each of them but my Sanyo Xacti E2 died a few minutes into it.  Here’s what I was able to get from Ekolu before the camera died.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-03 moving the boards

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-02 Connor Baxter waiting for company

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-04 Doug Lock’s S.I.C. F-18 monster

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-09 Ekolu Kalama sharing paddling tips

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-12 Ekolu on reading ocean swells

downwind-run-and-tips-from-ekolu-kalama-11 Kainoa Beaupre

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  1. Harris 1Harris

    Good video for what it was. Left me wanting more.

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