Tropical Blends Paddle Straps and Leash



Tropical Blends Surf has some new SUP accessories.  They have a branded line of ankle and calf leashes.  The ones shown below are 10′ long.  They also have a redesigned paddle strap used with the dual deck leash plugs on their boards to carry the paddle and to use the paddle as a handle.  These are heavy duty with a design drawn from the leash strap.

tropical-blends-paddle-straps-and-leash-05 Tropical Blends leash

tropical-blends-paddle-straps-and-leash-10 Ankle leash (top) and calf leash (bottom)

tropical-blends-paddle-straps-and-leash-03 Tropical Blends paddle strap

tropical-blends-paddle-straps-and-leash-04 Dual (inner and outer) velcro strips to securely attach your paddle to the board

tropical-blends-paddle-straps-and-leash-11 The paddle strap attached to my board

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2 Responses to “Tropical Blends Paddle Straps and Leash”

  1. Phil Lizares 1Phil Lizares

    I checked these out @TB, double velcro wraps look and feel up to the job, especially for those big and heavier SUP’s. I like the idea of attaching the paddle to the board and using it as a carrying handle, great grip and leverage and minimize chances of forgetting/losing my paddle. A must have for SUP’s with deck leash plugs.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    So far I’ve used these once on my F-18 and they hold tight really well.

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