Starboard “The NEW” 12′6″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board



Margareta from Starboard sent us these photos of their new 12′6″ racing stand up paddle board called “The NEW” shaped by Brian Szymanski. This is one of the most space ship looking race SUP’s I’ve seen so far. I actually saw the prototype at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle but didn’t get a chance to demo it. Here’s the info we got from Margareta.


starboard-the-new-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-10 “The NEW” with blue stripes


starboard-the-new-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-11 “The NEW” with red stripes


starboard-the-new-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-04 Board shaper Brian Szymanski


starboard-the-new-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-05 Design notes


starboard-the-new-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-01 Ernie “EJ” Johnson with the 12′6″ “The NEW”


Here is the board’s description and specs from the Starboard website:

THE NEW by Brian Szymanski
12′6″x23.5″, 12′6″x25″

The NEW is most possibly the quickest 12′6″ SUP hull ever made. To be able to maintain reasonable stability the narrow hull has been dug out completely in the standing area so the feet are just at the water line, thus the stability and balance factor has been drastically increased. The aft section of the cockpit area has been dug out moderately to accommodate for the back foot to easily move backwards for snappy pivot turning, securing that the distance you have gained on the race course is maintained through the critical moments of turning the buoys. There are 2 drainage holes in each foot well to ensure rapid release of possible water gathering.

Brushed Carbon
Starboard’s brushed carbon technology brings together the lowest weight tolerances with the highest precision. The lightweight EPS core is wrapped with 160 gram Epoxy impregnated Carbon and covered with a 60 gram layer of glass for sanding protection. The light paint job is brushed further to increase precision and reduce weight. The white toned finish coat protects the board from over heating. High density PVC foam reinforcements are used around inserts. The standing area is a matrix of 500kg/3 0.6 mm pine wood, 200 grams glass and an additional layer of 160 grams Carbon.

Available in: Red Stripe brushed carbon
and Blue Stripe full epoxy, EPS, glass construction.

12′6″ x 23.5″ Dimensions:
Length: 380cm
Width: 59.7cm
Tail width: 7.8″ / 20cm
Thickness: 10.23″ / 26cm

12′6″ x 25″ Dimensions:
Length: 380cm
Width: 63.5cm
Tail width: 8.9″ / 22.6cm
Thickness: 9.8″ / 25cm

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