Starboard “Surf Race” 12′6″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Racing Board



Here’s another set of photos sent to us by Margareta from Starboard. This time for the 12′6″ “Surf Race” stand up paddle racing board. Svein Rasmussen, the CEO of Starboard suggested this board for races in Hawaiian waters that have trailing swells to catch.


starboard-surf-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-5 The 12′6″ “Surf Race” with red stripes


starboard-surf-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-6 The 12′6″ “Surf Race” with blue stripes


starboard-surf-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-2 Starboard riders at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle


starboard-surf-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-3 Zane Schweitzer with the 12′6″ “Surf Race”


starboard-surf-race-12-6-sup-stand-up-paddle-racing-board-1 John Hibbard with the 12′6″ “Surf Race”

The 12′6″ “Surf Race” racing board description and specs from Starboard’s site:

Surf Race 12′6″ x 26.5″ by Brian Szymanski

The Surf Race is designed for going in and out through the surf, with a flatter deck for easy foot movement and pivot turns.

It has an optimum foot spread for stability and comfort and sports the NEW’s racing rocker for speed and glide, working well in a large variety of conditions. The shallow single concave bottom increases speed when surfing bumps and swells.

This board was used by Nikki Gregg to win the Women’s Open race at the 09 Battle of the Paddle. Compared to the NEW, the Surf Race is a more versatile and stable shape.

Avalible in: Red stripe brushed carbon and
Blue stripe full Epoxy, EPS, Glass

Length: 380cm
Width: 67.3cm
Tail width: 13.8″ / 35cm
Thickness: 17.75″ / 45cm

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