Surftech San-O Carbon Stand Up Paddle



Here’s a preview of the new Surftech carbon paddle. They have a full carbon model and a carbon/fiberglass model. Both are really light and I was surprised how light the carbon/fiberglass version is. The largest blade size is 9.5″, a bit large for my personal taste but perfect for outrigger paddling. I ended up cutting one of these paddles down to 52″ and use it with my OC-1. I love it for OC-1. It weighs 15 oz which is lighter than my Apple iPad. The blade is really thin which allows for a really smooth catch and has an ABS reinforcement around the edge of the blade. I got mine from the Surftech store on Queen Street in Honolulu.

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More info taken from Surftech’s site:

The San-O offers surfers a large surface area blade suited for strong and aggressive paddlers racing over flat water or charging powerful surf. The San-O’s 9″ wide blade design and 12° bend maximizes your power output and ease of entry per stroke.

Construction options:
– Full Fiberglass
– 50% Carbon/Fiberglass Composite
– 100% Carbon

surftech-san-o-carbon-stand-up-paddle-2 Carbon handle

surftech-san-o-carbon-stand-up-paddle-7 12° bend

surftech-san-o-carbon-stand-up-paddle-8 9″ wide blade

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3 Responses to “Surftech San-O Carbon Stand Up Paddle”

  1. Pureadrenalin 1Pureadrenalin

    What is this paddle selling for? It has a really nice shape to it.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    PA – I think the one I got is around $300.

  3. Sand Sock Girl 3Sand Sock Girl

    $300? wow! not bad huh! I would love to have one too :)

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