Another spectacular day for the Sunset Beach Pro


Waterman League

Trials Completed in giant surf

The giant surf continued today as we picked up where we left off with the Sunset Beach Pro, presented by Turtle Bay Resort, with the quarterfinals of the Trials. As the heats progressed it was clear that power and local knowledge were advantageous, as Chuck Patterson from Dana Point and Haley Fiske from San Francisco showcased the power approach, and Pomai Hoapili, with his no compromise approach to riding big Sunset, demonstrated the local advantage. Slater Trout also showed why he is a force to be reckoned with, as he charged his way into the Main event, alongside Chuck Patterson, Serge Carabasse from Tahiti and Noland Keaulana from Makaha, also on great form here at Sunset today. The final athlete to advance as a result of one of the main event athletes pulling out, was Pomai Hoapili

Stand Up World Tour

Into the Main Event

As the day progressed, the conditions just got better and better, calming down slighlty for us to see big Sunset on fire: the transition into the main event also saw the arrival of the very best in the world, as current World Champion laid his stamp of authority in heat one with a spectacular display of performance riding. Also standing out was Ikaika Kalama and Bonga Perkins, demonstrating why they have been able to establish themselves as amongst the most respected watermen in the world. The list goes on, as the level was so high, and the performance so dramatic in such impressive surf, that you need to visit to see the action for yourself. Highlights from today will be up online shortly

Stand Up World Tour

Live broadcasts on Web and TV, Wednesday 02/09

With a newly introduced repercharge system introduced this year on the Stand Up World Tour, 3rd and 4th place athletes in the first round have another chance to break back into the main event – that is first up tomorrow after the conclusion of heat 8 of the first round. You will be able to see more spectacular action from the world’s best, live from the Sunset Beach Pro, presented by Turtle Bay Resort, on, and on TV here in Hawaii OC16. So tune in wherever you are and watch as the action unfolds right in front of your eyes. Start for tomorrow is scheduled for 8am Hawaii time. We”ll see you then. Aloha: the Waterman League

Stand Up World Tour

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