2011 North Shore Challenge Surf Race



Above photo is Zane Schweitzer throwing up a winning hand sign after he clinches the win. I was sick, hurt ribs and on antibiotics but I made the drive to this race and was happy in my decision. The race was held at the Turtle Bay Resort which is a little over an hour drive each way from my house. In Hawaii, we contemplate driving anywhere over 15 minutes. To drive an hour, it’s gotta be special.

A number of the sponsors of this site were going to this race so I didn’t want to miss it and I just got some new camera equipment and wanted to test it out. Turtle Bay turned out to be an ideal place to hold a surfing spectator event. The racers were close, waves were good and everything was within easy range of my camera. Check out the slideshow video below for pictures of the event.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-001 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-002 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-128 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-129 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-007 Planet Sun Booth

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-015 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-016 Robert Stehlik

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-019 Robert Stehlik

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-020 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-021 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-022 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-024 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-027 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-035 Noland Keaulana

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-039 Riggs Napoleon

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-041 Kevin Seid

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-042 Ed Wheeler and Jenn Lee

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-049 Mark Raaphorst and Robert Stehlik

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-054 Robert Stehlik

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-055 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-056 Mark Raaphorst

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-059 Robert Stehlik

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-060 Kainoa Beaupre

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-061 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-062 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-065 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-066 Zane Schwietzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-069 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-074 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-086 Ed Wheeler

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-097 Connor Baxter

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-121 Kaipo Guerrero, Mel Pu’u and Kainoa Beaupre

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-122 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-123 Zane Schweitzer

north-shore-challenge-surf-race-125 Zane Schweitzer

More pictures:

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