Legendary Surfer/Shaper Mickey Muñoz Joins C4 Waterman Design Team



Legendary Surfer/Shaper Mickey Muñoz Joins C4 Waterman Design Team


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (August 1, 2012) — C4 Waterman is thrilled to announce the addition of legendary surfer/shaper Mickey Muñoz to its design team. For those in attendance at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show, Mickey or ‘The Mongoose’ as he is commonly known, will be available to share some of his Muñoz spirit, Thursday August 2nd at noon at the C4 Waterman Booth #39138.

Considered by most watermen to be one of surfing’s living treasures, when it comes to surfing, Mickey has literally done it all. He was one of the first Californians to tackle giant surf at Hawaii’s Waimea Bay in the modern era. For over 60 years, his surfing equipment portfolio has included everything under the sun: from wood to hollow carbon fiber, long to short, prone to stand-up. “Mickey Muñoz has always been a tremendous role model for me,” says C4 shaper/designer Dave Parmenter. “His scrapbook as a designer/builder includes all types of surfboards, sailboats, racing paddleboards, sailplanes, fairings and just about anything that moves through the sea or the sky.”

Mickey’s legacy has stamped an indelible mark on the waterman ethos. His hallmark traits of self-reliance, good sportsmanship, impeccable ocean knowledge, an all-encompassing grasp of watercraft design and construction, and the tenacious ability to survive in all sea conditions inshore or open ocean, have formed the template for all watermen or would-be watermen since the 1950s.

“Having Mickey join forces with C4 is more like a homecoming than a ‘join-the-team’ sort of event,” says C4 Waterman CEO and co-founder Todd Bradley. “Mickey has been stoked about SUP from the very beginning and has logged as many hours paddling as anyone. At C4, we have always considered him part of the ‘ohana because of his pioneering spirit, his phenomenal ability as a waterman and his astounding generosity.”

C4 founder and Hawaiian watersports pioneer Brian Keaulana points to Muñoz’s stoke factor, “Mickey was one of the first surfers to get in touch with us back in 2002 when we were getting into stand-up paddle surfing in Makaha. The thing I love about Mickey is that each and every day he wakes up totally stoked to get out there and try something new.”

At this year’s summer Outdoor Retailer Show, C4 is excited to show off Mickey’s latest creations, a trio of new designs from his southern California shaping lair. “For a couple of my new models I have gone back to the original design well,” says Muñoz. “I’ve reworked and updated my original 11′0″ and 12′0″ UltraGlide long boards so that they are the SUP boards I’ve always wanted.”

Together with C4, Mickey is also releasing the 12′6 Mongoose. “This 12′6 is the result of all my years of shaping and designing prone racing paddleboards and all sorts of boat hulls. It is fast, stable, and very versatile. A real hot-rod if you want to race, but the Mongoose has plenty of beam and tie-downs to haul gear, kids or the dog around.”

C4 Waterman welcomes Mickey ‘da Mongoose’ Muñoz to the ‘ohana, not just as a peerless surfboard designer or legendary surfer, but rather as a kindred soul. Mickey brings to C4 Waterman an inestimable wealth of design knowledge encompassing every type of hull and surf and paddle craft. But he also brings the generosity, camaraderie, and open heart that make up the aloha spirit.

Welcome home, Mickey!

C4 Waterman, Inc. is an Oahu, Hawaii-based lifestyle and adventure sports equipment company. They are a brand focused on providing the highest quality hard goods and soft goods to water sports athletes and enthusiasts around the world. C4 was the first company with a focus on SUP and continues to lead the pack when it comes to industry recognition, authenticity, innovation and product design.


C4 Waterman will be exhibiting their full line at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow (booth #39138) and at the open-air demo (booth #D298). The first 100 people to meet Mickey at noon on Thursday, August 2nd, will have the opportunity to take home an autographed poster.

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