C4 Waterman’s Archie Kalepa to speak at TEDx 2013


C4 Waterman’s Archie Kalepa to be speaker at TEDx 2013, globally broadcasted live January 12, 2013.


Archie Kalepa

Recently inducted to the Hawaii Watermen’s Hall of Fame, fifth-generation Lahaina resident and Lahainaluna graduate Archie Kalepa is one of Hawaii’s greatest ocean sports pioneers. A legendary big-wave surfer, Archie is an accomplished waterman who is one of a handful of men able to successfully tow surf the enormous waves that break on Maui’s north shore. In addition to his achievements riding waves, he’s also a leader in the development of innovative safety equipment and rescue techniques using jet skis and water sleds. Kalepa is a key player in the push to modernize and innovate stand up paddling and is dedicated to resurrecting interest in the traditional Hawaiian sport of canoe surfing.

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