Ed Wheeler’s S.I.C. Standamaran Race SUP



I caught up with Ed Wheeler at the 2013 Duke’s OceanFest where he raced his SIC Standamaran. Ed got his first test ride when I got mine a month or so ago and he was blown away by the glide and how much easier it is on the body. Judging from his recent race finishes, he’s getting the hang of it pretty quick.

I was surprised because I saw him race it again the next week even though his rudder was damaged from hitting the inside reef on his way to the finish. I guess he got it fixed pretty quick. Hear what Ed has to say about racing the SIC Standamaran in the Duke’s Race.

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3 Responses to “Ed Wheeler’s S.I.C. Standamaran Race SUP”

  1. lance murphy 1lance murphy

    Love mine. Was able to paddle up wind into the white caps with out killing myself. Funny to have people drafting off of me. It does take awhile to get used to a new stance on the board.

  2. Jon Bell 2Jon Bell

    Wondering if you someone could post a GPS track or some speeds measured on the water, e.g average speed you maintained for a few miles or kilometres on. S.I.C. Standamaran ?

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Jon – Maybe Ed Wheeler has some GPS records for that. My Garmin broke a while back so I haven’t gotten a new one yet. My guess is that the speed range will be tighter but overall time will be lower. The ease on my shoulders is measurable in that I recover way faster now and can spend more time on the water.

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