Tropical Blends Nui Loa 11′9″ SUP Board



Back by popular demand, the Nui Loa SUP stand up board by Tropical Blends Surf fills the need for an all around family board. Whether on a lake, slow moving stream or the wide open ocean, the Nui Loa offers a graceful refined approach to having fun on the water. The carefully crafted bottom contours provide significant stability without hampering the rider’s ability to continually improve. From beginner to experienced paddler, the Nui Loa supplies the perfect platform for point to point adventures, fitness paddling, fishing, surfing or just hanging around in the sun.

The Nui Loa comes in multiple color schemes and one of them has a very slick looking bamboo wood veneer. You need to see it in person to appreciate how nice they are.

The Nui Loa
Length: 11′ 9″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4 1/2″
Fin set-up: 2 + 1

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-02 Slightly square tail

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-11 3-fin boxes for a 2+1 setup

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-04 Rail top side

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-12 Rail and bottom

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-06 Bamboo veneer close up

tropical-blends-nui-loa-11-9-sup-board-13 Really nice polished finish on a bamboo veneer surface

Paddle Range:
110 lbs to 315 lbs
Beginner to Advanced

Surf Range:
225 lbs to 300 lbs
Intermediate to Advanced

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2 Responses to “Tropical Blends Nui Loa 11′9″ SUP Board”

  1. Phil Lizares 1Phil Lizares

    Great beginner board for sure. @ 208 lbs and novice paddler (1st time on SUP last week) this board was stable and efficient, instills confidence but yet enough to challenge to exceed my current capabilities. I was able to negotiate moving, wavy, and choppy surface water without getting dumped on my ear. I think this board will definitely increase my learning curve because of its efficient ,stable and forgiving qualities. Today I completed a round trip all the way up the Ala Wai and back to the the Magic Island parking lot. For me, a huge accomplishment, and a great adventure.
    Mahalo to Jim Hayes of Tropical Blends Surf.

  2. Kevin Fahring 2Kevin Fahring

    Very sweet board. I am looking for beginner boards for my customers. Can you wake surf with this board? Mahalo, Kevin

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