Tropical Blends Pokole 8′10″ SUP Board



Jim over at Tropical Blends Surf is keeping ahead of the SUP stand up paddle board curve by continually releasing new models. The latest is an 8′10″ x 28.5″ x 3 7/8″ SUP called the Pokole. Here’s the specs and info.

The Pokole
Length: 8′ 10″
Width: 28 1/2″
Thickness: 3 7/8″
Fin set-up: 2 + 1

This is another in keeping with the Wai Kahe and Welo. The reduction in length allows the board to fit the needs of an even smaller rider while still providing those characteristics that have made this line of boards so popular.

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-02 Different color schemes

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-11 Salmon color scheme – top

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-12 Salmon color scheme – bottom

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-05 Leash Plug

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-07 The nose rocker

tropical-blends-pokole-8-10-sup-board-10 Five fin boxes for versatility in fin setup

Paddle Range:
100 lbs to 175lbs
Beginner to Advanced

Surf Range:
150 lbs to 210 lbs
Intermediate to Advanced

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2 Responses to “Tropical Blends Pokole 8′10″ SUP Board”

  1. ty 1ty

    pretty soon we will be at 25 to 28 wide for all high performers.
    goin smaller and skinier

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Ty – Smaller and skinnier will most likely be for lighter riders or advanced ones. A small, wide SUP can be ridden by lighter riders and intermediate riders. You can also get custom boards at Tropical Blends to fit exactly what you’re looking for. My friend Darin just got a 7′9″ custom SUP from Tropical Blends and really likes it. He’s about 145 lbs and has be riding a SUP for a few years now.

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