Tropical Blends Carbon SUP Board and Paddle



Jim over at Tropical Blends showed me the next generation of SUP’s made out of carbon fiber. I took these pictures with my iphone a while ago and finally got them off the phone. Sorry if they are a little blurry.

You really need to see these boards in person to appreciate how sexy they look and feel. I haven’t ridden one yet and I’m not sure if any are for demo. Anyone who’s ridden these, please let us know what you thought.

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-08 Five fin boxes for flexible fin setup

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-28 The nose rocker

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-30 Swallow tail

Tropical Blends is also coming out with an entire line of SUP paddles. Here’s the first model. There will be many more coming soon.

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-12 The new Tropical Blends carbon stand up paddle

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-16 Dihedral blade

tropical-blends-carbon-sup-board-and-paddle-18 Carbon handle

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