Puerto Escondido Exclusive from Duane Desoto – Day 4 Results


Drew Brophy

Here are the results from Day 4 from the Mexican Pipeline!

Congratulations to Hawaii’s own Noah Shimabukuro!

1 – Noah Shimabukuro    $4000
2 – Garrett McNamara    $2000
3 – Scott Chandler    $1000
4 – Kealii Mamali    $800

Other Semifinalists: Ikaika Kalama, Ekolu Kalama, TJ Saeman, Chuck Patterson

See you at home,

Duane DeSoto


Here’s a quote from Drew Brophy on the event:

“The first day was 8-10’, and a little intimidating. Paddling out was like a game of Russian roulette – but once I was out there, it was exhilarating stroking into those big bombs. Stuffing a ten foot board into those barrels was pretty tough, but the bigger the wave, the easier it got. I wish it had been even bigger. Everybody was charging very hard. We had a great time!” – Drew Brophy

A video and more pictures of Drew Brophy at Puerto Escondido sent by his wife Maria

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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