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I visited the Tropical Blends Surf Shop at 907 South Queen Street here in Honolulu, Hawaii and took a look at surf heaven. In the last year, the store has more than doubled in size, largely due to the growing interest in stand up paddle gear.

tropical-blends-store-38.jpg Jim Hayes, Tropical Blends owner

The shop, which is owned by Jim Hayes, now has three rooms to display their full line of surfboards and standups. In the standup areas, they have molded pvc boards, customs, demos and all sorts of prototypes. It’s wall to wall and floor to ceiling surf gear at Tropical Blends. Mark Raaphorst’s F14 is also here.

tropical-blends-store-13.jpg                Mark Raaphorst S.I.C. F-14 on the ceiling.


tropical-blends-store-16.jpg                StandUp Paddle Mag stand with Vibram 5 fingers shoes.

There’s a lot to see inside the shop with a stock of roughly 80+ high quality custom surfboards made by some of the best shapers in the industry, souvenir shirts, Vibram Five Finger Shoes, StandUp Journal mag and accessories.

tropical-blends-store-21.jpg                  Wall to wall and floor to ceiling boards

tropical-blends-store-01.jpg                 The Moku 11′ 7″ SUP Board

There’s a mixture of shortboards and longboards with bright colors, different shapes and interesting designs. It’s a perfect hangout for surfers of all ages and there’s always a story to be told. The staff is knowledgeable and can help with board and gear selection.

tropical-blends-store-08.jpg       2009 Tropical Blends SUP Boards: Wahine 10′6″, Luana 10′9″ and more.


tropical-blends-store-30.jpg                   More surfboards in the back room of Tropical Blends Surf shop

The new SUP boards on display were the Wahine 10′6″ for the ladies, the Moku 11′7″, the Kaie’e 10′6″, and the Luana 10′9″.

I took a short video and some pictures of the StandUp shop and boards that were on display. 

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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  1. David Bearden 1David Bearden

    says it’s a private video???

  2.  2admin

    Sorry about that David. Video is fixed now.

  3. Jeff 3Jeff

    Hey Even,
    What is that shotr wide angulo high on the wall?

  4. Jeff 4Jeff

    Thanks Even,
    They sent me this response:
    Hey Jeff,
    Ed Angulo hand made that one for us on Maui using sandwich construction so it’s nice and strong with the high density foam…it’s 9′ 0″ x 28″ x 4 1/8″

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