An Exclusive Preview: “Fall” StandUp Journal



Here is an exclusive preview of StandUp Journal’s “Fall” issue sent to us by Clay Feeter, publisher of Stand Up Journal magazine.

The eye-opening spread features, “stuff you didn’t know about a guy we’ve all followed for years” type piece written by Maui’s Keith Holland.

The feature is on Buzzy Kerbox. He talks about early wild water adventures with Laird, and then their falling out as friends, and how they started to get along again.

Buzzy also hashes out his drive to stay in the mix during the ‘Bustin’ Down the Door’ generation on Oahu, having to compete against the photogenic Buttons and others on the North Shore… and Buzzy’s now multi-faceted sup stoke; he loves the distance paddling as much as the waves.

Grab your copy of the “Fall” issue as soon as it’s out.

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