Starboard 2010 SUP Stand Up Paddle Catalog



Here are the latest offerings from the world’s largest Windsurfing / Stand Up Paddle Surfing company, Starboard.

Standing up experiencing the balance of nature, while enjoying pushing the ultimate development program at the cutting edge of technology:

We are exploring unchartered territories by introducing the worlds widest most stable shapes. Our unique wave program introduces the shortest outlines and best turning shapes, built in the lightest technologies, whereas the race development team has produced the quickest and most slender hulls our young sport has ever seen.

This is what we at Starboard strive for, working with our huge development crew, putting new ideas into life and refining them until revolutionary shapes are ready to meet your expectations on the water.

In the end of the year one looks back and wonders, how could so many ideas be materialized in such a short time? The answer is quite simple, we literally shape our ideas instead of spending time talking about them.

If you would ask us for our favorite board, we may say the K14 for Taco Lake where we paddle to work and the 7′4″ POD for our main testing grounds on Bali, then any length inbetween according to the conditions and what sort of fish we might be out to catch.

An especially hot tip this season is however the 9′0 x 33″ Hero, in the stunning Wood TAC technology with Startouch Starboard’s trademark non abrasive innovative traction.

SUP at Sunrise and sunset , magic moments from a new perspective every day.


Svein Rasmussen

Click here to download the Starboard 2010 SUP Stand Up Paddle Catalog.

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