New 2010 Surftech Softop SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards



I recently visited Surftech’s HQ and got the chance to take some pictures and a short video of their new Softop models for 2010. Check out the video:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to try these new boards yet, so here are descriptions and specs from their 2010 SUP Catalog:

Softop SUP 11′6″

Created by master craftsman Randy French, the 11′6″ Softop SUP was designed for stability and glide. The added volume and full rail make this board the most stable stand up paddleboard on the market! Great larger paddlers or those trying stand up paddling for the first time. The 11′6″ Softop SUP is a recipe for success! Featuring a completely built in soft EVA deck pad for superior traction and grip along with an ergonomic carry handle.

Nose: 20 7/8″
Width: 32 1/8″
Tail: 19 1/2″
Thickness: 5 1/8″
Volume: 247 liters
Average Weight: 40.5 lbs.

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-39 The 2010 Surftech 11′6″ Softop

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-36 2+1 Fin setup and square tail

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-28 Camouflage color scheme

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-31 Smooth rails


Softop SUP 10′6″

With the full rail and flatter bottom, the 10′6″ Softop SUP is the most stable stand up paddleboard for its size on the water! Subtle entry rocker and added tail rocker make this board paddle fast and maneuver easily from the tail. The ideal board for larger paddlers or those trying stand up paddling for the first time.

Nose: 20 3/4″
Width: 31 1/2″
Tail: 19″
Thickness: 5″
Volume: 214 liters
Average Weight: 36.3 lbs.

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-11 The 2010 Surftech 10′6″ Softop

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-12 The carry handle

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-17 Blue color scheme

new-2010-surftech-softop-sup-stand-up-paddle-boards-18 Soft EVA deck pad

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4 Responses to “New 2010 Surftech Softop SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards”

  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    I got a chance to try the 10′6″ today and thought it was pretty good. I sent a friend to pickup the 11′6″ demo but for some reason he came to the beach with the 10′6″. I wanted the 11′6″ for my friend who is 250 lbs and hasn’t had much experience in the water. I was surprised when I saw how stable the 10′6″ was for him.

    The 10′6″ has more than enough volume to float guys over 200 lbs. It’s really stable and paddles pretty good. I may have to get one now because this is a perfect board to take newbies on.

  2. Jon 2Jon

    Yes, I’m Evan’s 255 lb friend — As a beginner to standup paddle surfing, I really appreciated having this board to practice on today. I tried Surftech’s Softop 10′6″ board at Waikiki today and it felt very stable for me.

    The only other standup paddle experience I had was on an 11′6 “battlestar galactica” board — surprisingly, I found this much easier to stand up on since the board didn’t move as much underneath me as much as the other one did.

    There was hardly any forward/backward movement when I tried standing on this board. There was very little side-to-side rocking, and I was able to stand up on this board for a short moment (yay!).

    It was also a lot easier to handle since it was not as big. There was a hole/grip in the middle of the board that allowed me to pull myself up easily on it from the water. The grip also came in handy and allowed me to carry the board on my own with one hand.

    I was very happy to have been able to practice on this board today. Definitely recommended for big guys. :)

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    Ooops…looks like I made a mistake. I was at Surftech today and it turns out that the board Jon demo’d was the 11′6″. It’s funny how the board can look so big on land and so small in the water. Nonetheless, I think this board is going to be a hit in the rental fleets.

  4. Diana 4Diana


    I LOVE that you guys put the eva soft deckpad on the Board!! So many Manufacturers put the diamond 3D pad on and it is beyond uncomfortable on your knees, butt and even feet! The Eva pads are my favorite and I wish more Companies would put them on!!! Traction is still great. You don’t need some stupid 3D painful deckpad.
    Keep them coming and make some in pink or purple colors please :) ))))
    You guys rock!!!
    Thank you!

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