Surftech Jamie Mitchell 9′8″ SUP Stand Up Paddle Board



I was at Surftech’s Hawaii office on Queen Street and got some pics and video of the Jamie Mitchell 9′8″ SUP. This model has a much more pulled in nose and has substantial nose rocker. I was told that this is more of a high performance board for bigger, juicier waves. Here are the specs below and a short video preview.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here’s info taken from Surftech’s site:

LENGTH: 9′8″
NOSE: 18.75
MID: 28″
TAIL: 16.5″
THICK: 4.25″
FINS: 2+1 Futures side fins, 8″ Surftech Center

Jamie Mitchell is one of the most prolific watermen of our time, he knows no boundaries. The 8 x Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race Champ is nothing if not versatile. From paddling the treacherous Molokai channel to charging death-defying waves on his 9′8″ SUP, Jamie is not one to back down from a challenge. Master craftsman, Randy French had to take Jamie’s versatility into consideration when designing his 9′8″ SUP. The rounded pintail and moderate bottom curve allow the 9′8″ JM Model to handle large steep waves yet it’s loose enough to rip your local beach break apart! This board is ideal for the intermediate to advanced SUP surfer who wants one board for a wide variety of conditions.

“My new JM Surftech 9′8″ works in just about anything! Whether its 2 ft Burleigh Heads, 8 ft Sunset Pt, or some heaving slab somewhere, it’s designed to handle a variety of conditions. Plus Surftech’s Tuflite material makes my board nearly bullet proof! I love it.” – Jamie Mitchell

Whether he’s winning the Battle of the Paddle, or charging the world’s biggest waves, one of the sports’ premier waterman is leading the SUP charge.

surftech-jamie-mitchell-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-04 The nose rocker

surftech-jamie-mitchell-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-06 Rounded pin tail

surftech-jamie-mitchell-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-16 2+1 fin setup

surftech-jamie-mitchell-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-21 Flat bottom on the nose

surftech-jamie-mitchell-9-8-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-19 “V” bottom at the tail

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  1. Michaela Quilliam 1Michaela Quilliam

    Have had mine for a year now and have ridden it locally on the south coast of S Aust and at Cactus/Castles on the far west coast. Love it in the waves. Bit unstable to start with due to the bottom shape but with practice and once on a wave it rips better than any comparable board and even better than shorter boards. Great speed, stability on waves and fantastic turning ability. Super light and really strong. Hard to fault in any way. Love it.

  2. Ken Brown 2Ken Brown

    How much does the Jamie Mitchell 9′8″ SUP weigh? I am talking about the Surftech Tuflite model.


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